Comprehensive Foot Care & Surgery

Sioux Falls, SD

Trusted Podiatrist in Sioux Falls, SD

A seasoned Sioux Falls, SD, podiatrist from Jessica Shaw, DPM provides comprehensive foot care in a supportive office setting. Your visit includes time to discuss your condition before presenting solutions designed to treat the root cause of your foot problem whether it's persistent pain or a noticeable irritation.

Proactive Foot Care

Proper foot care involves more than just taking notice when you're experiencing pain. Signs that you may require foot care include a recurring tingling sensation, inflammation, dry skin on the bottom of your feet, bunions, or ingrown toenails. Even if you have no noticeable problems, regular office visits can spot possible issues early. We stress the importance of proactive foot care, which includes regular exams, especially for diabetic patients.

As a qualified Sioux Falls, SD, podiatrist, Jessica Shaw, DPM is dedicated to client satisfaction. This includes flexible hours and an attention to detail that starts with your initial consultation. Call today for additional information or to schedule an appointment.